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I’ve been sharing a lot about my productivity lately on Periscope TV , aka, my favorite go-to apps for organizing my business and my life! We all have our favorites. I can tell you ONE app that is not on this list that I’m looking into right now and that’s EVERNOTE. Everyone that uses it raves about it. I looked into several years ago and for whatever reason, at the time, it seemed too complicated. I’m all about easy-peasy simplification. But now I’m rethinking it since I hear that it allows images to be attached to notes (I know it’s always allowed this but now I have a specific want/need for that so it really caught my attention!).

Productivity to me means SAVING TIME with SIMPLICITY. If an app is too time consuming on my end to set up, I tend to use it for a few days and then it lives on one of the back pages of my iPhone, dormant, after that. I look for apps that sync with other platforms and improve my day in some little way.

Here are my top 12 apps that helps me organize everything from my daily to-do list, my goals, my photography session for high school seniors and families as well as my senior style shoots, grocery list, photo managers, and more.


1. ERRANDS. This sounds like a simple little “errands” app. It’s not. It’s SO much more. I use this for my main “To Do” list for the main reason that it allows a few features I want and need in a list/task manager. After searching through hundreds of apps and actually spending money on many, this is the one I settled into. I like it for the ability to write out a Master List (BRAIN DUMP) and then create several categories with ease. If I type a task ONCE I never want to type it again—this accommodates that. I’m currently looking into Evernote—it may replace Errands soon. We’ll see.

2. 30/30: The perfect app that allows you to set up ROUTINES that are timed. I use this on a day where time is a crunch and I have to stay focussed and on schedule.


3,  MAILBOX: The most amazing app yet. It manages my mail and puts it in its place. Seriously an amazing email manager.

4. DRAGON DICTATION. Yes, there are many voice recorders in the app store, but this little app is brilliant for allowing me to dictate a blog post into my phone speaker, correct any words I see (very easily—more so than with the normal type tool in iPhone) and then email the content to myself. Brilliant times 10.

5. iWATERMARK: This is one of several tools I use for “marketing from my phone”. This app allows me to watermark my images after sending them to myself either via email or dropbox. Lots of watermarks already loaded for those that are not photographers, but what I love is the ability to load my own logo and branding.


6. HOOTSUITE: For scheduling and managing my social media right from my mobile device. Also a GREAT app for this: BUFFER.

7. TOP MODEL RELEASE: The amazing in-phone (or iPad) model-release app that clients can sign on my phone with their finger. Voila!

8. PIC FLOW: The easy to use—easy to create slide-show maker. The best I’ve found for the style videos I create right in my phone.

9. FIVERR & UPWORK: Yes, they BOTH have apps that allow me to view the applicants and status of items I’ve sourced out. It’s an easy way to manage outsourced jobs on the go.

10. IF THIS THAN THAT: A fun little app that I’ve recently discovered that automates everyday tasks between apps by creating custom recipes with “if this, then that” statements.

11.iCATCHER: I have to admit something here. I JUST discovered the amazing world of podcasts. I’m not even kidding. I LOVE listening to podcasts everyday for motivation and inspiration! I’ll write a blogpost about my favorites. So…iCatcher. It collects all of your favorite podcasts into a playlist! Love it.

12. SOONER: While this is a task and list manager, I use it specifically for projects, blog content ideas and goals. I love the color-wheel interface and the ability to create multiple sub-lists. This app makes me so happy when I open it.



As a high school senior photographer, I have many seniors and college students that follow me. Here are 3 top apps my own kids give their stamp of approval on (Tori just graduated from Nursing School and Jordan is in his 3rd year of college):

13. BRAINSCAPE (or, QUIZLET): the fabulous app that allows you to double your learning speed using the most effective study system on the planet. Flash cards!

14. NOTABILITY: An amazing note-taker to annotate documents, record lectures, sketch illustrations and more!

15. TALKBOARD: This app is useful for any collaboration work because you can share whiteboard screens and work together effectively.

AND…there you have it!

Now download, organize and get productive with simplicity! :)

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If you lost your phone today, OR, if your profile on FB or Instagram mysteriously disappeared, would you still have back-ups of your photos?

Maybe this subject is at the forefront of my mind this week due to the SCARE I had last week at “almost” losing my own cell phone. Want to guess at my first thought? Yep, you’re right. I FIRST AND FOREMOST thought of the recent photos I took of our Napa day-trip to see Jordan (our son) up on his college campus…and Tori, on her first day of “real work” after graduating…and oh, yeah, the family photos we just took for fun!


We live in a day and age where everything that matters to us in the form of photos lives and breathes inside of our cell phones and in “virtual albums” on Facebook and Instagram. I think we’ve gotten comfortable with thinking that our photos are saved in these so-called albums inside of our social networks. Yes the social networks are giants and it seems that they will always be there. But there have actually been people that have lost their entire profiles with no explanation and I always think, “boy I hope they have backups of their photos!”

But never mind the scare tactic at losing your photos—beyond that, imagine the pure fun of an authentic real photo in your hand! Yes, this is becoming a lost experience because we are viewing our images on each other’s cell phones! Yes, yes, I know. This is the “digital age”, Teri. And not only embrace it, I love it. BUT. Yes, there is a but.

There is NOTHING like holding one of these memory books filled with your own favorite Instagram photos in your hands.  Or opening up a collection of your best photos in the form of amazing printed poloraoids! Not to mention an entire photo book (think “mini” or “maxi”—depending on your display preference) of the recent day trip you took with your fiends or family to the beach, cabin or theme park.

How? Enter in the amazing and fabulous resources that are available to print out your photos in a variety of ways.

You’ll find miniature and full-size photo albums as well as retro Polaroids and miniature prints together with stickers and fun little this-and-thats. Recently I created a small memory book out of an entire year of my Instagram posts. Everyone in the family loves this little book!



Here are a list of resources to check out for your own photo-print-adventure:

  • CanvasPop - Those filtered photos are worthy of an at-home gallery. Create a high-resolution 12-inch square or 20-inch square stretched canvas print for the temporary price of $30 and $60, respectively. Buy multiple canvases for an artful wall vignette.
  • SocialPrintStudio - The company offers multiple ways to print Instagram photos, but the 20- by 40-inch posters will make the most stunning addition to a living room wall. Between 50 to 400 photos are arranged in a clean grid on thick, archival paper for $25.
  • Blurb - Haven’t looked at a photo album in a while? Blurb brings back what now seems like an antiquated way of sharing photos with a modern, Instagram twist. Softcover books with 20 pages of Instagram photos runs $11 and a hardcover is $22.
  • Postagram - A fun way to show people you’re thinking of them, Postagram mails a postcard with popout Instagram photo and message to friends for $0.99 each. A thoughtful alternative to a birthday ecard!
  • Instagoodies - Print books of one-inch stickers of your favorite Instagram photos. Attach stickers to the computer monitor, phone case, or wallet for a quick flash of happiness.
  • Sticky9 - Take a cue from your mom and turn your refrigerator into bragging grounds for your works of art. For $15, Stickygram makes a set of nine photo magnets from your favorite images.
  • TeenyTile - As the name implies, TeenyTile crafts two-inch tiles from your Instagram pics for sticking on your fridge (thanks to the included adhesive magnet), or whatever you choose to create with them. Each tile is priced at $4.
  • Artflakes - Images get sticky with this company that takes your regular Instagram pics and whips them into vinyl 4-inch stickers. Buy them up in packs of 10 ($21), 25 ($42), or 50 ($63)
  • Casetagram - Create a custom iPhone 6/6S case with this company that prints your Instagram on a slim-fitting shell. You can customize how your pics are arranged, then Casetagram prints them on a white or transparent case for $35.

So there you have it—so many fun and amazing ways to print and enjoy your instagram images and your cell phone pictures.


(the immediate above images from SocialPrintStudio)

By the way, YES, I am a professional photographer and I want you come to me of your professional portraits—but real talk, I want you to DOCUMENT your life in photos that you print and keep for memories because these are the tangible memories that you’ll treasure years from now. Cell phones? Hmmmm. Who knows where that technology is headed, right? Printed photos are REAL.

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When I hear  ”DO YOU PHOTOGRAPHY SENIOR GUYS” the answer is a great big fat “YES!”.

Meet Barrett. He has style. Barrett is actually a college grad and we photographed him recently (shown here) for a MODELING PORTFOLIO. I photographed bother Barrett and his brother a few years back for senior portraits. I knew from doing his senior pictures that HE. HAS. STYLE. And he didn’t disappoint!

From the bow-tie to the casual wear, Barrett had lot of great looks. We specifically scheduled his session in an urban setting for a modern look. Downtown areas of any city add to the overall feel of modern images and that was important for the look we were going for.

Here are some of my favorites from his session!


2015-08-14_0006 2015-08-14_0007 2015-08-14_0009 2015-08-14_0010

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CIARA! I absolutely loved Ciara’s style! She word country chic fashion combined with city chic style! Combining several colors in your session results in a gorgeous variety, showcasing the styles you truly love!

One of the things I love to do when styling a session is to contrast, match and coordinate the clothing styles of my clients to the backgrounds, colors and textures in the environment we are in. Note the brick tones with Ciara’s hat and scarf! And when she changed into the denim/boots/dress we headed for a “country road” setting with textures that added to her outfit.

NOTE: My clients text me their outfits ahead of our session and it makes a great way for me to pre-plan the areas we will be using within the location they’ve chosen.

Meet Ciara—fashionista! She’s adorable!


2015-10-26_0009 2015-10-26_0011



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PHOTOGRAPHERS: Snapchat is WHERE the teens are. You need to be there (see below for details)

SENIORS: Follow me! YOU will be my snapchat story the day of your session! Woo!





NEWSFLASH: Snapchat is not just for teens

I seriously have a love-hate relationship with social media. There are days I love it because I am excited to share something and connect with my audience; then there are days I loathe it—because I feel I HAVE to share something and connect with my audience! I’m a firm believer in choosing only the social media platforms that you can commit do doing consistently and doing well.

Snapchat has been on my radar for over a year now. Actually longer…but I downloaded it a year ago, opened it up, got confused and never opened it again.

Until last month. And now…I’m an official snapchatter.

I was resisting this new social media platform because I simply could NOT wrap my head around one more “thing” to have to do online. I resisted until about a month ago when I was with a group of my senior models doing a photo shoot and I noticed them doing what they usually do: selfies and group-selfies to post to what I THOUGHT was Instagram. Wrong. When I reminded them to use the hashtag #tfsmodel and #terifodeseniors, they all looked at me with blank stares and then one spoke up to say, “oh, we aren’t posting to Instagram, we’re snapchatting.”

First light bulb moment: I realized then and there that what I had been resisting for over a year was a social media platform that was not going away. It was here to stay. And not only that, after doing some research about Snapchat that night I realized it was the largest used social media platform only trailing Facebook and Instagram.

Evan Speigel, creator and CEO of Snapchat,  is a 23 year old genius backed by some pretty major money and just turned down a cash offer from Facebook (thus, Zuckerberg) for 3 Billion dollars. THREE BILLION DOLLARS.

No, snapchat is not going away. Snapchat is growing and improving and causing the BIG companies to take notice and jump on board with their brands to reach their customer base through an inter-active, live-feed media voice using a platform that already has MILLIONS of Millennials.

Second light bulb moment: Snapchat has gone mainstream. Through “Discoveries” we can now view live-stream and interactive images and videos from such brands as Cosmopolitan, CNN, People, ESPN and more. Large companies are jumping on board this trail-blazing new platform and sharing their brand in a relevant and live-feed manner that is interesting and successful.

So. PHOTGRAPHERS. How can WE use snapchat? In many, amazing and relevant ways to our businesses. Think “real-life” and “live-stream” behind-the-scenes on your photo shoots or model creative shoots. Or a string of photos mixed with video clips of your day, as in, “a day in the life of a photographer”. ANYTHING that we show on Instagram can be shown in real-time and in more depth on Snapchat. Not only that, but cross-marketing from Instagram over to Snapchat and vice-verca is an amazing marketing strategy to pull more teens and potential clients into your audience (ie, “be sure to follow our live photo shoot action over on Snapchat today with Brooke on location!”) There are endless possibilites with Snapchat including a sneak peek into your day including the crazy, fun and zany experiences you might have together with “senior takeovers” of your live feed while on a photoshoot.

Why consider Snapchat? The teens today love authenticity and real-life moments. They crave real-time connection and the imperfection of real-life before the editing of a photograph takes place. THAT is what Snapchat is all about.

Oh…and don’t be thwarted off course when your own teenager says “mom, NO parents are on Snapchat!”. That’s what they said about Facebook AND Instagram, remember?

Information about Snapchat here:





PS: join me—I’d love you to follow me over on Snapchat — you’ll find me under [ terifode ]. See you there!

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FYI! NEWSFLASH! ———-> Are you on Instagram? Do you love style? Need inspiration for your own senior session OR are you a photographer? My own fashion-sets (created on Polyvore) PLUS reposts and photos from other resources are  ALL IN ONE PLACE on my STYLE CLOSET Instagram account! FOLLOW TERI’S STYLE CLOSET ON INSTAGRAM AT: tfsstylecloset

We all of love denim—jeans, jackets, shorts, skirts! The REASON we all love denim is obvious: it’s so gosh darn VERSATILE! We can dress it up, dress it down, style it up, style it down. Denim is never going to go out of style. It’s quite simply a STAPLE.

Well here it is fall so WHAT do you suppose I’m eyeing these days for photo shoots? FALL-STYLED DENIM….of course, silly! I love jeans for photo shoots because of the very reason stated above: versatility. Depending on your style, you can be a chic sophisticate or a country charm, all based on the accessories, darling! Scarves, shoes, outwear, etc. can all make the difference.

I’m loving the sets that have been rolling through my Instagram feed from shoppriceless.com  AND lulus.com By the way—they have some amazing looks and styles you can pick up for a very reasonable price if you want to add an outfit or two to your photo session wardrobe.

Here is some inspiration for you — and as I always say: if you are going to shop for a new outfit for your senior photo shoot, make sure you’ll wear it AGAIN. It should be an addition to your wardrobe that will be a fave (thus, you can justify buying some fun new things for our shoot with you!).


All above sets and photos / credit to the Instagram feed of Shoppriceless.com and Lulus.com

1) LUXE IN LEOPARD from Lulu’s 

2) FALL ESSENTIALS | Willow Top and Out of This World Cardigan from Shoppriceless

3) MILITARY FALL | Military Jane Jacket, Xena Knit Infinity Scarf and Electric Elephant top from Shoppriceless

4) JISELLA FALL | Jisella top, Savvy Writer Boots from Shoppriceless

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