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This is a post that I have been anxious to share for a few weeks now—not only because of how much I loved this photo session but also the special story that this young woman and her mom have to share with the world. Let me just jump right to the heart of the matter: Sydney, at 17, is a CANCER SURVIVOR. She and her mom have a very special story and I’ve chosen to share that story here, on my blog, with my audience. Because I believe there are people out there that need to hear their story and the HOPE and TRIUMPH that is in their lives!

I have both Sydney’s story in her own words together with her mom’s experience and story both in a special “page” on my blog…please feel free to share this with anyone you personally know of that needs words of hope in a struggle they may be going through with the very scary “C” word.

After you enjoy the photos of this beautiful girl as taken in her senior session with us in a downtown, metro setting, I encourage you to read their stories here at this link:


 2015-02-25_0002 2015-02-25_0003


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Jared is one of our models on the 2015 TFS Model Team and we have LOVED photographing this senior guy! YES we photograph senior guys and YES we even have a few senior guys on our model team each year! Sometimes it seems that we ONLY photograph girls because we show so many senior girls on our websites. The truth? GIRLS love getting their senior portraits taken…guys? Not so much. USUALLY (with a few exceptions), it’s mom who wants an amazing photograph of her little-boy-now-a-man as a keepsake treasure. So we show lots of girl photos in our marketing but check out our SENIOR GUY GALLERY HERE for lots of samples of our senior guy work!

So back to Jared. He loves to play baseball and is heavily involved in community outreach in many areas. He is an all-around great guy and is fun to photograph. He has great style and we loved the outfits he put together for his urban-styled model shoot from last summer (pictured with his official senior pictures below).

Here are a few of our favorites from both his model-shoot with us and his official senior pictures:

2015-02-20_0001 sacramento senior pictures (32) sacramento senior pictures (33) sacramento senior pictures (34)

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THEMED SHOOT | Valentines Day



MODELS: Nathalia Sainz; Brooke Tibbetts; Taylor Autrey; Audrey Cooper; Marissa Peterson; Isabella Vasquez; Sheridan Naulty

We sent out a special model call to our model team for valentines-themed outfits (dresses or other in a color for heart-day). We sent a mood board and we loved the variety of dresses we saw for this photo shoot! We turned out studio into a Valentine PARTY and celebrated the afternoon with girl-time: makeup enhancements, music, popcorn, and everything red-and-pink sweet to eat!

These girls are gorgeous we’ve loved having them on our team this year. Here is a VALENTINE SPLASH of imagery from the day!

Class of 2015 senior pictures / party shoot:




2015-02-15_0003 2015-02-15_0004 2015-02-15_0005 2015-02-15_0006 2015-02-15_0007 2015-02-15_0008


2015-02-15_0017 2015-02-15_0016 2015-02-15_0015 2015-02-15_0014 2015-02-15_0013 2015-02-15_0012 2015-02-15_0011 2015-02-15_0010 2015-02-15_0009 2015-02-15_0020

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Featured Senior | Class of 2015

This was an amazing senior photo session set in the fabulous city of San Franciso. Kennedy had a very specific area of the city she wanted to be photographed: Valencia Street known as the District. She’s an artist at heart and loves everything about that part of town. Her outfits were FABULOUS and we had the best day with her family, walking the amazing streets and finding the nooks and crannies. Stopping for a Cappuccino along the way was a given because it’s one of her favorite coffee houses in the district.

A FEW NOTES ABOUT THIS SESSION: Destination sessions are amazing, but knowing the area is a must. As a photographer, a collaboration is always a good  idea and in this case, we trusted Kennedy knowing all of her favorite places. I was focused on finding the best light in each of the locations we walked to while Kennedy was changing into each look. We LOVED this session—here are just a few of our favorites!

sacramento senior pictures kbur (2)

sacramento senior pictures kbur (1)

sacramento senior pictures kbur (4) sacramento senior pictures kbur (3)

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Jordyn was a high school student in Granite Bay before she and her family moved to Tennessee for her senior year. Lucky for us, she flew back to Sacramento for her senior portraits and we couldn’t be happier! Okay, well, her boyfriend lives here so there was THAT too…but in any case, we had the privilege and joy of photographing this beautiful girl.

She has a gorgeous smile and her dimples are amazing! The camera loved her and *I* loved her style! She brought several outfit choices to the studio and after looking through them all we chose styles and colors that were gorgeous with her skin tones and the elements around us. She is seriously photogenic — but you’ll see that here in some of my personal favorites!

A FEW NOTES ABOUT THIS SESSION: This was a “winter sunset” which is gorgeous lighting to work with. The later the afternoon got the creamier the sky became. We used the winter outdoor setting with barren trees and nature set against the sunset sky and this is a great example of how winter is as gorgeous as any other season for senior pictures, given the right colors and styles to work with.

sacramento senior pictures yocam (3)

sacramento senior pictures yocam (2) sacramento senior pictures yocam (1)

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Noel is one of our 2015 Models and we fell in love with her sweet personality back last summer when first photographing her! She came to her official senior photo shoot (shown here) with lots of adorable outfits, tons of fabulous accessories, and that SMILE! She had an appointment shortly after her senior session to CUT HER HAIR…and she wanted her senior photos to capture the glorious thickness and beauty of those long locks before hand! We loved photographing her…she was so much fun and had each outfit planned down to the last detail. Here are some of our favorites.

NOTES ABOUT THIS SESSION: I can’t stress enough how amazing it is when a senior brings a great variety of styles and colors. It adds to the over-all look of a session. Accessories can really complete an outfit and change it up. Flowers are another great accessory—both in the hair and a fresh bunch to hold. Note how a scarf can change the look of an outfit as well.

sacramento senior pictures (54)

sacramento senior pictures (55) sacramento senior pictures (56)

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