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The NUMBER ONE QUESTION I receive from clients when booking a photo session: WHAT DO I WEAR???


Our Senior Experience allows you to wear your FAVORITE 4 outfits and the Style Session allows an unlimited number of outfits. We help you with this with a style consultation (either via phone in in our studio) and put lots of visual and ideas in your hands as well! Our girls have a clear concept when putting their wardrobes together.

In addition to the outfits you select for your session, we encourage using accessories to mix up the looks such as hats, scarves and layers. One single outfit can look like 2 or 3 with a simple accessory change!

Lauren chose 4 outfits for her session. This is an example of the 4 looks she chose and how we photograph them for variety:

LOOK ONE: Lauren chose this olive-green suede fitted dress with fringe (fringe is a BIG hit this season—you’ll see it everywhere!). Those sandals finished off this look with style. A long statement necklace was the perfect accessory.


LOOK TWO: A dressed-up denim look works well with a simple top and statement piece. She completed the outfit with wedge heels.


LOOK THREE: Adding color to the mix is a HUGE plus. Select a color that suits your complexion (we will help you with this!). This 2-piece short set was the perfect color-addition for Lauren’s session.


LOOK FOUR: Crop-top + skirt ensemble. Lauren chose a cream boho-style set with a scarf that we used as an accessory-prop:


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PHOTOGRAPHERS: Snapchat is WHERE the teens are. You need to be there (see below for details)

SENIORS: Follow me! YOU will be my snapchat story the day of your session! Woo!





NEWSFLASH: Snapchat is not just for teens

I seriously have a love-hate relationship with social media. There are days I love it because I am excited to share something and connect with my audience; then there are days I loathe it—because I feel I HAVE to share something and connect with my audience! I’m a firm believer in choosing only the social media platforms that you can commit do doing consistently and doing well.

Snapchat has been on my radar for over a year now. Actually longer…but I downloaded it a year ago, opened it up, got confused and never opened it again.

Until last month. And now…I’m an official snapchatter.

I was resisting this new social media platform because I simply could NOT wrap my head around one more “thing” to have to do online. I resisted until about a month ago when I was with a group of my senior models doing a photo shoot and I noticed them doing what they usually do: selfies and group-selfies to post to what I THOUGHT was Instagram. Wrong. When I reminded them to use the hashtag #tfsmodel and #terifodeseniors, they all looked at me with blank stares and then one spoke up to say, “oh, we aren’t posting to Instagram, we’re snapchatting.”

First light bulb moment: I realized then and there that what I had been resisting for over a year was a social media platform that was not going away. It was here to stay. And not only that, after doing some research about Snapchat that night I realized it was the largest used social media platform only trailing Facebook and Instagram.

Evan Speigel, creator and CEO of Snapchat,  is a 23 year old genius backed by some pretty major money and just turned down a cash offer from Facebook (thus, Zuckerberg) for 3 Billion dollars. THREE BILLION DOLLARS.

No, snapchat is not going away. Snapchat is growing and improving and causing the BIG companies to take notice and jump on board with their brands to reach their customer base through an inter-active, live-feed media voice using a platform that already has MILLIONS of Millennials.

Second light bulb moment: Snapchat has gone mainstream. Through “Discoveries” we can now view live-stream and interactive images and videos from such brands as Cosmopolitan, CNN, People, ESPN and more. Large companies are jumping on board this trail-blazing new platform and sharing their brand in a relevant and live-feed manner that is interesting and successful.

So. PHOTGRAPHERS. How can WE use snapchat? In many, amazing and relevant ways to our businesses. Think “real-life” and “live-stream” behind-the-scenes on your photo shoots or model creative shoots. Or a string of photos mixed with video clips of your day, as in, “a day in the life of a photographer”. ANYTHING that we show on Instagram can be shown in real-time and in more depth on Snapchat. Not only that, but cross-marketing from Instagram over to Snapchat and vice-verca is an amazing marketing strategy to pull more teens and potential clients into your audience (ie, “be sure to follow our live photo shoot action over on Snapchat today with Brooke on location!”) There are endless possibilites with Snapchat including a sneak peek into your day including the crazy, fun and zany experiences you might have together with “senior takeovers” of your live feed while on a photoshoot.

Why consider Snapchat? The teens today love authenticity and real-life moments. They crave real-time connection and the imperfection of real-life before the editing of a photograph takes place. THAT is what Snapchat is all about.

Oh…and don’t be thwarted off course when your own teenager says “mom, NO parents are on Snapchat!”. That’s what they said about Facebook AND Instagram, remember?

Information about Snapchat here:




PS: join me—I’d love you to follow me over on Snapchat — you’ll find me under [ terifode ]. See you there!

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IT’S HERE! Registration opens on Monday 9/7/15 @ 8:00am  PST (11:00am Eastern) for the PUSH 2016 Conference at this link: http://seniorstyleguide.com/product/the-push-conference-2016/?wpam_id=16  ! It is THE most amazing event for Senior Photography education with an AMAZING line-up of speakers! I’m so honored to be included in this group of fabulous, successful and incredible senior portrait artists! I will be speaking about MARKETING FOR SUCCESS.

If you want an incredible 3-day education experience in the business of senior photography, you will not want to miss this event.

This link will be open and active on MONDAY 9/7/15 @ 8:00am PST —that is California time—OR 11:00am Eastern: http://seniorstyleguide.com/product/the-push-conference-2016/?wpam_id=16

Only 50 seats available and this conference sold out in MINUTES last year! Good luck and hope to see you there!


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Winding it back to the 1940′s!

This was an AMAZING and FABULOUS photo shoot with a 1940′s theme complete with hair, makeup, styled clothing, set and props! Sofia’s grandma called me to discuss the theme and set up her special day—and after our consultation I knew this was going to be a dream shoot. From the details to the “why”, it was a magical and incredible day.

Sofia was in love with the era and wanted to create her photo session around props that were meaningful to her—from her great-grandpa Jack’s authentic hat from WWII to her Great Grandma’s vintage suitcase! The bandana for the bathing suit set came from her Grandpa Da’s and the apron came from Great Grandma Yvonne. Her brother was on set for some images as well and he fit right into the theme!

I think Sofia could have actually lived in the 1940′s very comfortably because she NAILED this look with authenticity! It was a complete collaboration of ideas, styles and of course our AMAZING make up artist and stylist, Sara Williams. She was on set from the studio the the Mel’s Diner and had ideas for the shoot as well.

This is a long post of photos because I simply love them all — enjoy!

MODEL (Senior from Class of 2016): Sofia Pryor

THEME: 1940′s

MAKEUP/HAIR: Sara Williams

PHOTOGRAPHER: Teri Fode, assisted by Don Fode and Jordan Fode


sacramento_senior_pictures (2)

sacramento_senior_pictures (1)

sacramento_senior_pictures (3) sacramento_senior_pictures (4)

sacramento_senior_pictures (5) sacramento_senior_pictures (6) sacramento_senior_pictures (7) sacramento_senior_pictures (8) sacramento_senior_pictures (9) sacramento_senior_pictures (10) sacramento_senior_pictures (11) sacramento_senior_pictures (12)

sacramento_senior_pictures (13)

sacramento_senior_pictures (14) sacramento_senior_pictures (15)

sacramento_senior_pictures (16) sacramento_senior_pictures (17)

sacramento_senior_pictures (18)

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MEET SARA — the face behind YOUR camera-ready face!

We are celebrating our 9th year with our FABULOUS and AMAZING makeup stylist! Sara is SO loved by our clients that each year around prom and senior ball, our girls fight over her!

Sara started out in the professional modeling world as a teen and was much sought after for her sleek, All-American Girl-Next-Door look. She modeled for both Elite and Ford Models, and in fact, lived with Eileen Ford for a time! She brings much knowledge to our team about camera-ready style both in front of and behind the camera! She brings fashion ideas, style tips and extra accessories for a unique and special look to each of our photo sessions.

Did you know? Camera-ready makeup is MUCH different than every-day makeup. Yes, there is a big difference and YES, it matters. We know you want your photos to portray the most natural YOU possible and of course this is always our goal. Sara consults with our clients at the start of the session to make sure we are creating the look you love. As we progress through your session, we change your look and this is the time to add that fun smokey eye if you want!

You’ll love our Style Session—it includes a full professional makeup application, uniquely styled to your features, coloring and makeup preferences.

PS: Love to do your own makeup? No worries. While we HIGHLY recommend that you choose our Style Session with makeup application included, we do have a few clients that prefer to do their own.  We prep you with camera-ready tips to help you look your best.

THIS IS SARA (in the red):






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Are YOU a little style obsessed?

I’m working on a fun and fabulous senior magazine — with some images from this FABULOUS retro senior session we just shot for Sofia. She traveled from out of town to us for her senior portraits and she had a very clear idea she wanted us to create. It was a total colaberation between all of us: our style, Sofia’s vision and Sara’s mad makeup and hair skills. In the end, we all made Sofia’s vision come to life.

And THAT, my dear friends, is what it’s all about.

More from this fabulous session soon. In the meantime, from my desktop to yours, a sneak of an image we are using for a marketing piece…


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