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This gorgeous girl is ROYALTY! Yes, she is a candidate to enter Miss California USA soon! She won the crown as Miss Orangevale and I will soon share the rest of her senior pictures including her gorgeous pageantry sparkle.

She came to her photo shoot with props in hand including lots of confetti, her crown, this adorable headband and lots of freckles. Yes, she loves her freckles and wanted them to show. I love it when a senior girl is confident and happy with her God-given beauty! Freckles are amazingly adorable and she looks gorgeous!

Fun fact: she’s a TRIPLET! She has a sister and a brother and the were photographed as a group on this session as well.

Here is a sneak peek until her full splash of images here on our blog soon:


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2014 SENIOR: Maddie Mikulin

SESSION TYPE: Style Session

LOCATION: Combo (Studio+location)

MAKE UP ARTIST: Sara Williams

PHOTOGRAPHER: Teri Fode (assistant Tori Fode)


This senior session is being used as the PERFECT example of a senior photo shoot complete with artistry collaboration by Client/Photographer/Makeup Artist. Our STYLE SESSION offers our high school senior client an amazing experience of being pampered with makeup application and styling for her special photo shoot day.

Maddie is actually one of our 2014 Spokesmodels so I already knew prior to her official senior photo session that she was very photogenic and stylish. She called and asked about including a floral wreath and I knew she would be the perfect candidate to create a look I had been wanting to create for some time. After she sent her outfits via text and described some of her accessories I knew exactly which floral wreaths I would create. My vision was a very feminie, soft and pretty look with a tinge of vintage. Maddie literally made that vision come to life in these images.

One of the things we REALLY encourage our senior clients to do is to bring PROPS…but not JUST props for the sake of adding something to the photo—rather, items that MEAN something and portray her/his personality. Maddie came with lots of amazing things to show her fun and creative side in her senior pictures. She brought vintage suitcases (her mom used her resources and friends on Facebook to ask if any one had any vintage cases!), her guitar, a drama mask (she’s active in theater at her school), a chalkboard to write her favorite scriptures, and amazing accessories and clothing choices. Oh…and  mom. I always encourage mom to come along because senior portrait day is part of senior year and it’s fun and exciting and an experience mom will not want to miss.

LOTS OF PHOTOS in this post? YES! Because I want to share exactly how diverse a photo shoot can be when including items that can be used as props and also how important it is to select outfits that are completely different, one from the other. Notice how Maddie shows her different sides and interests in each sequence!

Using this post as an example of our SENIOR STYLE SESSION gives me an amazing excuse to share more than just a few of my faves :)

sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (11) sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (10) sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (9) sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (6)sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (15) sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (13) sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (4)  sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (5) sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (3) sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (1)sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (14) sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (12) sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (2)sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (8) sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (7)sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (17) sacramento senior pictures mik teri fode (16)

 So yes, THIS is an amazing example of lots of diversity in outfits, accessories and props. And an amazingly FUN and FABULOUS day.


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2014 SENIOR: Alexa Rolls

SESSION TYPE: Style Session

LOCATION: Metro Downtown

MAKE UP ARTIST: Sara Williams

PHOTOGRAPHER: Teri Fode (with Don Fode)

Why is this a “Mega Fashion Post”? Because Alexa’s senior photo shoot is another perfect example of how to design your session to include mega fashion variety and looks throughout your entire session! We get lots of questions about the STYLE SESSION—it includes a full makeup application (we do 2 looks—your choice with our suggestions!) and fun hair-style changes (as you wish or as we suggest and you agree) with UNLIMITED clothing changes! Oh…and any loction(s) of choice (we have lots to choose from and suggest) including your own ideas.

Alexa had a particular look she wanted. When we planned the shoot she had one word in mind “edgy”. Edgy can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but for Alexa it had to do with her Fashion+Setting: very unique outfits in a very unique and “edgy” setting. That meant something other than “country” and “park-like”. So off to metro downtown Sacramento we went!

Sara Williams is an incredible make up artist but more than that she knows fashion and style from her modeling background (yes, she was a model—she lived with Eileen Ford and was a runway model in New York for many years!). We love to collaborate together and Alexa was an awesome client to work with in that department!

Alexa brought LOTS of color variety (NOTICE the sharp contrast in her color palettes, one from the other) and a great variety in STYLE as well. This makes a photo session look very unique and it makes for amazing layouts in our Art Books which we specialize in.

Well without further delay…here she is. ALEXA. a/k/a FASHIONISTA:

sacramento senior pictures aa (1)sacramento-senior-pictures-ar3sacramento senior pictures aa (5)sacramento-senior-pictures-ar7sacramento-senior-pictures-ar6sacramento-senior-pictures-ar5sacramento senior pictures aa (2)sacramento-senior-pictures-ar8 sacramento-senior-pictures-ar4sacramento senior pictures aa (3)sacramento-senior-pictures-ar9 sacramento senior pictures aa (4)sacramento-senior-pictures-ar2sacramento-senior-pictures-ar1



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I photographed her sister when she was a senior and now…it’s AMY’S TURN! She grew into such a GORGEOUS young woman and I’ve loved getting to know this amazing and beautiful family over the years.

AMY wanted a very VINTAGE feel to her images but she also wanted to incorporate some awesome and bright colors as well! She selected some amazing outfits that absolutely fit the bill perfectly. We also talked about adding a very vintage-styled floral wreath to her session. After seeing her vision and her outfits, I knew exactly what type of wreath to design with the florist. Yes, there are fresh flowers—which always makes a huge difference!

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for lighting—slightly overcast with bright hidden sun created a beautiful soft-box-in-the-sky to create the exact vintage look I was going after for her session.

She chose the STYLE SESSION with makeup and styling which allows for gorgeousness-galore with Sara Williams doing makeup. The location was the perfect choice!

Notice the amazing variety in her image sequences? That’s the perfect coming-together of well-planned outfits, hair and makeup! She did a fabulous job choosing her outfits!

So here she is…the beautiful AMY CALLAWAY 2014!



sacramento-senior-pictures-ac7 sacramento-senior-pictures-ac6 IMG_0127sacramento-senior-pictures-ac4 IMG_0015 IMG_0014sacramento-senior-pictures-ac1IMG_0117IMG_0095sacramento-senior-pictures-ac3 sacramento-senior-pictures-ac2 IMG_0046


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  • On December 19, 2013 - Teri said: Ahhh! Love the flower crown, sooo pretty. :D
  • On December 19, 2013 - Ashlee Lauren Photography said: Ahhh! Love the flower crown, sooo pretty. :D

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MODEL CALL<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Are you a HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR, Class of 2015?

Our model search is ON!

Each year we select a few high school seniors to use in our studio promotions, advertisements and various campaigns throughout the senior year. The IDEAL candidate is someone who LOVES our style and wants to be photographed by us ANYWAY, because in addition to modeling spots and opportunities throughout the year, our models receive exclusive benefits as well as savings on their own senior portraits!

We have some amazing things coming up and happening this year and some incredibly fun opportunities for our 2015 Model Team!

Interested about learning more? Want to apply?

Details and the application are located here: BECOME A 2015 MODEL


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Well HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 Internet!

I’m so very excited to share this complete photo session! If you’ve been following our Instagram Feed you’ve seen a blitz of photos from this shoot!

This has been an amazing year for us and I’m blessed to say that we have had an equally amazing group of senior spokesmodels here at Teri Fode Seniors! About 3 weeks ago, in the middle of a very busy holiday season, I was browsing pinterest for some holiday decor ideas and I came across some amazing new years posts for holiday party decorating. I was immediately inspired to create some of the decorations and this led to an even bigger idea that inspired a stylized photo shoot event based around the New Year party theme!

After talking the idea over with Don (who loved it), I contacted our amazing makeup artist Sara Williams and started the collaboration to create a very fun, sparkly and glitzy photo shoot! I decided to put out a model call to our 25 spokesmodels and ask them to submit their sparkly and glittery dresses and outfits! We had over 50 outfits to choose from and it was so very hard because they were all so amazingly gorgeous! We selected 3 glitzy outfits and our party-themed photo shoot was well on it’s way to becoming a reality just 10 short days later!

We truly wanted the studio to feel like a New Year’s party for the 3 senior girls that were selected for this themed shoot. We hand-crafted lots of glitzy-glam decorations with gold spray-paint, gold and silver glitter, sparkly confetti and tons of curly ribbon. We ordered several sparkly curtain backdrops and created 2 other glitzy-themed shooting areas that would create the feel and look we were going for.

We ordered sparkly cupcakes and crafted glittery cupcake wrappers. We included popcorn in black and white striped party containers and had lots of fun snacks including Martinelli’s (non-alcoholic) bubbly! Candles were lit, music was loud and glitter and confetti was sprinkled everywhere!

We told the girls to come prepared to be pampered with makeup (crazy-fun makeup, I might add). We decided to do an over-the-top glitter-glam look and the girls loved it!

Here are the photos from the shoot—and if you are a senior class of 2015 and are interested in applying for our 2015 Spokesmodel Team, use the link below. If you are a PHOTOGRAPHER interested in more details on how to do a stylized shoot, check out the Seniors Ignite Blog on Thursday 1/2/14 for a feature of this session and the “how to” behind it all.




INSPIRED IDEAS FROM: Pinterest (follow Teri here)

MODELS: 2014 Spokesmodels Alexa Rolls, Brittany Sanders and Maddie Mikulin




IMG_0684 IMG_0543 sacramento-senior-pictures-new-years-eve-2


IMG_0853sacramento senior pictures tf newyears (2)

sacramento-senior-pictures-new-years-eve-6IMG_0641 sacramento-senior-pictures-new-years-eve-7IMG_0772 IMG_0785

sacramento-senior-pictures-new-years-eve-4 IMG_0717 IMG_0561

IMG_0601 sacramento-senior-pictures-new-years-eve-3


sacramento-senior-pictures-new-years-eve-5 IMG_0863bwglit IMG_0761 IMG_0744 IMG_0736cropbw



IMG_0549sacramento senior pictures tf newyears (1)IMG_0668



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