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This is a perfect example of a session that has lots of variety in style. Brooke chose a paisley dress, a black and white romper with a hat, black-on-black denim mix, rips with a bandeau with a wrap shirt and a periwinkle sundress paired with booties.

This is proof that you can have a great variety of style without having to bring an over-abundance of outfits! I’ve always said that girls stop having fun after 4 to 5 full clothing changes! So while some of our sessions say “unlimited clothing changes”, the reality is that 3 to 5 fashions with a variety of accessories will create an amazing senior folio session!

Brooke loves nature but also wanted a bit of “urban” style. We used the enchanted forest, garden and country field for the first few looks and then headed to the modern open cafe area for the black-on-black denim outfit.

Summer is upon us and we will have lots of seniors booking summer sessions—the time is now for booking your session if you are a 2017 senior! 916 213 1716

Meet Brooke:

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So many moms and seniors are busy planning and prepping for parties!

Here are a few checklist items and ideas:

sacramentoseniorpicturesTF (4)

(Above decor DIY instruction and resource here)

CREATE A THEME: There are lots of ways you can go on this! A) Class Spirit including your school colors B) Team Spirit, such as a favorite sport team C) This Is Your Life with lots of photos from your childhood up though Senior year; D) College Theme, using your college colors and props

BALLOON ARCH: Always a fun way to decorate the entrance into your party — using the colors from the theme you chose

PHOTO VIDEO: Use your video from your graduation senior portraits (a la, TFP!) and/or a compilation of photos through the years

INTERVIEW VIDEO: Interview family members and friends and use in the above video with photos

PLAN A PHOTO BOOTH: There are so many ideas on Pinterest for this — set up a booth at your party in a corner of the room to capture fun memories from the day!

sacramentoseniorpicturesTF (6)

(Above photo display for K through 12th available here)

PHOTO CAKE: Use a favorite senior portrait photo or childhood photo for your cake; most all cake decorators offer this

CREATIVE GRAD DECORATIONS: Be sure to check out my SENIOR GRAD PARTIES board on pinterest for lots of ideas that I’ve gathered through the years!

PHOTO PLAN: Make sure someone is responsible for the photos the day of the party—you’ll want to remember all of the details but you’ll both be busy entertaining guests.

SET UP A “WORDS OF WISDOM” JAR: Have pieces of paper and pens so that guests can write words of wisdom for the graduate to read later

PERSONALIZED CANDY FAVORS: Lots of vendors offer personalized chocolates, m&ms, candies etc to hand out with the grad name and year


(Above KATE SPADE INSPIRED party favors available here)


PHOTO BOOK MARKS OR WALLETS: Have lots of extra wallets? Or want to hand out photo-book marks as favors? It’s a great “easy’ photo give-away for guests. (We offer book marks with your favorite senior photos in sets of 50)

SIGNING BOARD: Guests love to sign photo boards. Make sure there is lots of room around the photo for writing (we offer a 5×8 photo mounted on a 16×20 print with lots of white space)

SENIOR TABLE: Designate a table-top at the party that displays a “through the years” theme of photos, trophies, karate-belts, sports balls, music and/or dance recital programs, ballet shoes & photo albums, etc. This is the time to share and display the accomplishments of the graduate at the party for guests to look through. Trust me, the love looking through these things!

CANDY BUFFET: Here’s a tip, coming from a mom who did a full-on candy display at 2 grad parties: you don’t want to be stuck with all of the candy afterwards; most guests won’t stand around eating candy BUT they will take a bag of it with them if you have a box of candy bags at the buffet table. You can even personalize the bags with grad name and year.

OPEN HOUSE VS. PARTY: Words of wisdom– when you name your party an “Open House”, it encourages more guests to come because most all of your friends and their families will be party-hopping. If you have a formal party, it requires an official arrival time which isn’t a bad thing, but it will discourage “drop-ins”. Open Houses work very well for grad parties due to the overwhelming number of parties there are for people to attend.

Watch for RESOURCES coming up soon!







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I can’t believe how fast this year flew by—but it’s almost that time of year! Yes, finally, YOU will be welcoming friends and family to your own high school grad party!

sacramentoseniorpicturesTF (1)

In the coming days you’ll find lots of party ideas and resources here on the blog. This comes from my own experience having thrown 3 grad parties (one for each of my kids in high school, one last year for my daughter’s graduation from nursing school!)

Stay tuned!







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When we were planning Paige’s senior session, her mom mentioned that she had a “green sequin dress” and I literally “squealed” out loud. I could just envision Paige in that green dress with her long flowing red hair much like Ariel! Add red lips and voila. Perfection.

I LOVE it when girls bring a special dress for senior pictures! Whether it’s a senior ball gown or prom dress (even from last year’s prom), we love creating amazing looks with a fancy dress.

We took Paige to the top of a parking garage at dusk with the twinkling lights off in the distance. She laughed and twirled (ok, the twirling was my prompting) and we captured it all.

I loved her style and photographed her street-style at a nearby outdoor cafe.

Here are some of our favorites from her session. Miss Paige…and she’s just about to graduate!

2016-05-01_0012 2016-05-01_0011 2016-05-01_0010 2016-05-01_0009 2016-05-01_0008

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It’s almost here! Graduation starts THIS month for most high schools and colleges, into the first few weeks of June. Shopping for prom and senior ball gowns now transitions into shopping for GRAD DRESSES!

Styles this season: short dresses versus long for graduation (but, be you do you—if you like long, go for it!). You’ll also see a lot of white and black as well as punchy pastels and floral prints. Stripes are big this season too…especially in black and white.

Check out the links below—we did the work for you and have 5 online stores with awesome styles for graduation!

Looking for a special dress?

Here are some links to awesome online GRAD DRESS RESOURCES:
Have fun and CONGRATS on your upcoming graduation!
Grad Dress Style 2


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Even her name is chic: Paris is a 2016 senior just weeks away from graduation!

When we met to plan her senior session, there were 3 main points that were important to her: 1) capturing her outfit from her Europe trip in a very chic & urban setting (see the first group of images), 2) an emphasis on flowers, and especially in her hair; 3) wearing her senior ball dress in an urban setting prior to the actual event but still making it special with her boyfriend.

Regarding her senior ball dress, I suggested a “first look” with her boyfriend. She wanted photos with him, wearing her special dress, but still wanted it to feel special for senior ball. With  a “first look”, we arranged for him to see her “for the first time” in the dress in a fun and special way out on-location.

He was dressed in a tuxedo and after the first look (and lots of smiles and laughter), we captured the 2 of them in the downtown Sacramento setting.

I loved her European romper paired with a black hat and belt plus scarf and accessories. Truly very chic!

Here she is, Paris, 2016 Senior:




2016-05-01_0002 2016-05-01_0001




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