Your hair is one of the most important “features and props” you have! It’s important to LOVE your hair for a special event and MOST importantly on the day of your portrait session! Why? Because senior portraits last FOREVER!

We suggest you wear your “favorite hair style” the day of your session. In other words, when do you feel your BEST? What style makes you feel the most special? What’ the “fail-proof” style that you love no matter what? THAT’S the style you should wear.

Now, if you choose our STYLE SESSION, it includes makeup and “styling”. But when we say “styling”, we don’t mean that we “fix your hair from start to finish”. Here’s why: we want you to LOVE your hair and if we’ve never styled your hair before, we may not fix it the way you love it. How many times has someone else styled your hair, only to leave you “hating” it?

So…here’s what we do. We have you walk in with your favorite style and we then do your makeup (by the way, Sara is LOVED by everyone—so much so, that all of  my clients clamor to book her first for prom and events!).

Then, we “style” your hair in a fun look throughout your session after we’ve photographed your “favorite style” through a few outfits! Maybe you want a side braid, or a scrunchy-bun. Or, maybe you want a fun up-do? Great!

So the bottom line is this: come to your session with your favorite style and let us create a few more fun looks too!

Need some inspiration? Check out my Pinterest Board with FABULOUS HAIRSTYLES HERE!





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