Summer is nearly over and I have to admit…I won’t miss the heat here in California!

If you’ve ever wondered how we photograph in extreme heat, here’s the scoop!

  • We photograph outdoor sessions the last 2 hours of the day (we allow more time if you select our makeup artist). For one, this is the best lighting of the day, but it also helps in the summer with extreme heat—we’re not in the hot overhead sun!
  • We make sure you’re hydrated — even on a warm spring day this is important!
  • If the heat gets up to or over 100 degrees, we typically suggest a reschedule unless there are extenuating circumstances preventing it. So no worries, you always have an option!
  • Most of the time you’re in the shade anyway!
  • Typically most of our locations have indoor areas (even when we’re on location downtown) so there’s a bit of a “cool break”!
  • Summer is FUN and gorgeous…so we work the heat and use the light to our advantage. That’s how we achieve that “halo” sun in the hair!

Now that we’re heading into Fall, there may be a few rainy days and, flip side, we never make you photograph in the rain so no worries there either!

Bring on the LEAVES!



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