It’s THAT time of year again…and when I say that, I say that will mixed emotions: both happy and sad! For some reason, I feel like I’m “losing” a whole group of new “friends” every time grad season rolls around! I get attached to my seniors and their moms! But I’m so happy for the new horizons ahead for them.

Plus, this is the year my “baby” graduates college!

Since graduation announcements, party cards and invites are the talk of the town these days, I thought I would share some useful and fun info about grad cards! Plus a few “pretties” for inspiration. Ready? Here we go.

THE WHY: Grad cards are, of course, all about announcing the big achievement in your academic career! But also:

  • PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR THE BIG NEWS: Granted, people in your everyday life know about your graduation, but others that you may not see too often want to hear the big news!
  • IT’S TRADITION: Yes, your mom and dad and grandparents did this too and some things are great to carry on.
  • YOUR PARENTS ARE PROUD OF YOU: They want to announce the big achievement in your life because yes, it’s a big deal
  • IT’S AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO THOSE THAT HELPED: Your teachers, tutors, other parents in your life want to know you “made it” with their guidance


WHO TO SEND GRAD CARDS TO: Great tip—use your Christmas Card list for your grad card list.

The biggest questions we get is “how do I differentiate who is being invited to come to the ceremony versus who we only want to announce to?”. This can be done with the wording in your card. Most public schools (and some private) have “limits” to the number of seats available at the actual ceremony.

Here are a few tips:

  • If an address, date and time of the ceremony is included on the card, it’s an indication that everyone receiving the card is invited to the ceremony. Alternately, you can include an insert to those invited to the ceremony with all ceremony details.
  • If the address and time of ceremony is left off of the card, it’s an indication that the card is serving as an announcement of achievement only
  • Grad party details can be included on the card itself or on a separate “insert” if not all whom receive the card are invited to the party. As a general rule, it’s fine to include all of the party details on the card even when sending to out of state friends and family that you know can’t come


ETIQUETTE IN 2017 AND OTHER TIPS ABOUT GRADUATION CARDS (for both high school and college graduations):

Times have changed and so have the “rules” and expectations about graduations. Are you curious about the “proper” expectations in 2017? Well, no worries. You won’t get fined or put in jail. And honestly, it is up to you as to what feels right. But since most people aren’t sure, I’ve made a list of the most current “etiquette” tips for our current grads.

  • In 2017, receiving a graduation announcement is not a request for money or a gift. It’s truly an announcement of high-achievement and people love to hear the news, especially coupled with recent graduation photos
  • Since many people that receive grad cards do want to shower the grad with a gift of some kind (typically money), it’s important to include a full return address on all envelopes (ask us about our “Deluxe Grad Card Sets” that include them)
  • If you know where you are continuing your education, it’s great to add that on your grad card (we include it on the back) such as “We wish Brittney much success as she continues her journey at Cal Poly. San Luis Obispo”. You can even add the degree you are pursuing if you wish.
  • It’s important to send out your grad cards and party invites up to 2 weeks before the event, however, it’s perfectly acceptable to send the announcement out after graduation to those not attending the ceremony.
  • I know you know this but it’s important to say: thank you cards are very important for any gifts received. Be sure to keep track of gifts and the name/address of each.








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