Coachella Festival Style — for your photo session!

Fresh Festival Makeup


Coachella-inspired Boho has been a favorite style for several years now and it keeps getting better. This time of year it’s a big hit because of, well, Coachella! You’ll see the styles from this event morph into “Festival Fashion” throughout 2017 and it’s a fun style to pull into one of your senior session looks!

If you don’t consider yourself a “boho” or “festival” girl, no worries. This look can be completely toned down to fit your own style and personality. Pull the trend into your own style with a toned-down vibe if that’s what you prefer!

We recently we featured denim fashions. A super easy twist on the looks you already have in your closet would be to combine your favorite denim shorts with a fringe shirt, booties and a pair of round sunglasses (that trendy “John Lennon” look that works well with boho).

You’ll see festival-inspired boho all summer long, from full-on head-to-toe fashion to a hint-of-fringe. The most important advice I can give when prepping for your senior session is to “be you, do you.” Make sure your outfits reflect your true style and personality.

If you want to add a touch of festival to your senior session but don’t have anything that fits the vibe, you’re always welcome to borrow from our accessories during your photo shoot!

PS: Watch for the festival-inspired shoots this summer during our Team 2018 TFS Model shoots!


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